Prank on friend ends with manslaughter conviction

A man who claims he was carrying out a practical joke on his friend while they were out drinking at a bar has been found guilty of his manslaughter, after the 27 anti-depressant tablets he put into his friend's beer caused his death.

Lee Webster, aged 26, was out drinking on 22nd October 2012 with his friend Jason Wood, aged 30, who had dwarfism. Mr Wood died hours afterwards but it was only a month later that Mr Webster confessed on Facebook to Mr Wood's sister that he had put 27 Mirtazapine tablets into her brother's beer on the night of his death. The autopsy results revealed that Mr Wood died from an overdose of Mirtazapine in combination with excess alcohol.

Mr Webster's solicitor said that the "prank" was "nothing in the least bit funny", but "he didn't intend to cause him harm." The Maidstone Crown Court found him guilty of the manslaughter of his friend by putting the anti-depressant tablets into his drink.

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