Divorce wife raided husband's safe for information

A High Court judge has overturned a £20million asset freezing order on the grounds that the wife involved had illegitimately obtained financial information about her husband's wealth, by raiding his safe while he played golf.

The unnamed couple are divorcing after becoming estranged in 2010, both having previously entered into relationships with new partners. The wife initially obtained a £20million assets freezing order preventing her husband from selling off any of his properties. She had said that she found financial information lying around, or in waste baskets, but it was subsequently discovered that she had in fact removed documents from her husband's safe while he was out playing golf.

Mr Justice Mostyn said that her failure to advise the court how she had obtained the documents was a "serious breach of her duty of candour", and he failed to renew the freezing order. The divorce hearing will take place next year, but a there will be a case against the wife by the husband before that, as he is claiming damages for breach of confidence and misuse of private information.

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