No financial claims in Lawson-Saatchi divorce

Celebrity couple Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi will not be making any financial claims on each other during their divorce according to a statement released by the pair.

The statement confirmed that the decree nisi will be pronounced on 31st July, and that the divorce will "proceed on the undefended basis ... and neither party will be making any financial claims against the other". Mr Saatchi has not hired a divorce solicitor and will be representing himself, whereas Ms Lawson has well-known divorce solicitor for the wealthy, Fiona Shackleton, on her side.

The divorce follows a widely publicised incident in which Mr Saatchi was photographed with his hand grasping his wife's neck at a restaurant in London. Mr Saatchi said the couple were just involved in a "playful tiff", evoking the wrath of domestic abuse campaigners and resulting in widespread media coverage. Ms Lawson remained quiet about the incident, and Mr Saatchi announced the divorce saying he was disappointed that his wife did not make any comment to refute that he was physically abusive to her.

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