Divorced wife says husband cheated her out of millions

By Gillian Crotty

Alison Sharland is asking the Court of Appeal to allow her divorce settlement to be revisited because she believes her husband's dishonesty about the value of his computer software business has cheated her out of millions of pounds.

Alison and Charles married in 1993 and together built a significant fortune before their divorce in 2010. They agreed that their assets should be split equally during their divorce settlement, with Mr Sharland's shares in his software business 'AppSense' also to be taken into account. A dispute arose as to the value, with Mrs Sharland's accountants estimating the shares value at £32million, while Mr Sharland's said they that disbursements to others lowered their value to around £7million. A compromise was reached and Mrs Sharland gave up her rights to the shares in the company in return for more liquid assets, including cash and property.

Recent reports suggest the shares could actually be worth £460million and the company could be floated on the stock market shortly. Mrs Sharland contends that her ex-husband said the company would not be floated for another 5 to 7 years after their divorce. Had she held on to her right to equal shares in the company she could have received around £132million after tax. A family court judge refused her initial claim to have the settlement revisited, and she has now taken her case to the Court of Appeal. A decision is expected sometime next year.

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