5 per cent of divorces end within first year

By Lenore Rice

A new survey suggests that 5 per cent of divorces occur within the first year of marriage, with one of the main reasons for the quick-burn relationships being that more people are choosing to get married after a relatively short period of time of knowing each other.

According to the survey by Confused.com the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is 14 years, but 1 in 20 of those polled said they took the decision to separate within the first 12 months of being married. Approximately 14 per cent of those polled said they got married within a year of knowing their spouse, and 50 per cent responded that they had gotten married without ever living together.

Couples who divorce within the first year will often find that it takes them longer to fully separate than the marriage actually lasted. Many newly married couples will have purchased a property together and the process of selling it or transferring a part of it to the spouse that will remain in the matrimonial can take time, as well as sorting other financial arrangements that may have been made in anticipation of a long marriage together.

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