How Northern Ireland Employers can avoid HMRC PAYE penalties

Employers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK will soon have to make their final PAYE submissions for 2013/14.

In order to avoid payroll penalties they need to ensure that all submissions are made by 5th April 2014 and Employers should note that this is longer done by completing PAYE end of year forms P35 or P14.

Most employers will now be using the RTI (Real Time Information) system to report their monthly PAYE details and the final submission will be their final Full Payment Submission (FPS). This will be the one telling HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) about the very last employee payment for 2013-14.

As the tax year ends on 5th April 2014, most employers will have made their final submission on or before this date using RTI and so penalties can be avoided.

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