Paltrow-Martin divorce terminology sparks discussion

By Lenore Rice

The divorce of a high profile celebrity couple such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin was always going to attract a huge amount of mainstream media attention. However the manner in which they announced their separation has caused discussion among family law and divorce solicitors.

The announcement on Mrs Paltrow's website referred to the couple's decision to "consciously uncouple and co-parent". While not a term normally associated with divorce, the wording has been carefully chosen to start the separation on an amicable footing, suggesting the decision has been mutual, and most importantly, that the couple are very much concerned as to how their two young children respond to the separation.

One more common term that could perhaps be used in respect of the separation would be 'friendly divorce' - the term often used to refer to the collaborative law process. The collaborative law approach to divorce involves the couple agreeing not to go to court to reach a resolution, but to instead sit together with their respective solicitors and talk through the issues. It has not been confirmed that the couple will take that approach, but certainly their intention to split amicably is clear.

It is also encouraging to see how the couple have emphasised their intention to co-parent, and their handling of the announcement suggests that they are taking great care to protect their children against the hardships that divorce can sometimes cause for young children.

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