Man says he signed divorce document without his glasses

By Lenore Rice

A High Court judge has been told by an unnamed 'rich Arab' that he was not wearing his glasses when he signed a divorce document that required him to pay £60,000 per month.

The polygamous man, who has four wives, says he met with his estranged wife in a restaurant and she gave him several documents to sign. They included a divorce document that set out that he would immediately pay his Egyptian ex-wife £60,000. He signed the document but now claims that he did so without his reading glasses, and that he was also emotionally upset at the time because his ex-wife was denying him contact with his children.

High Court judge Mr Justice Mostyn rejected the argument, saying he found it "hard to accept" that a former government minister (in his home country) would have signed such a document "without appreciating the consequences of his signature."

The High Court had to consider the husband's ability to pay the monthly maintenance amount, and whether it was reasonable. Mr Justice Mostyn finally settled on £33,000 as a "reasonable" amount of maintenance for the ex-wife and their children.

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