Last chance for 2013/14 PAYE details

Employers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK must now use an earlier year update (EYU) if they still need to send PAYE information for 2013/14 that ought to have been reported via full payment submission (FPS).


The final date for issuing an FPS for 2013/14 was 19 April. Employers must now report all 2013/14 PAYE information to HMRC by 19 May 2015 to avoid a late filing penalty.

EYUs should be available through the employer’s payroll software or alternatively firms can use the taxman’s basic PAYE tools.

HMRC have confirmed that the EYU should not give the year-to-date figures. The submission should instead provide the difference between the last submission for 2013/14 and the final PAYE details for the tax year.

Employers that have reported all 2013/14 PAYE details but have not told the tax department they have made their final submission can do so by submitting an employer payment summary, indicating it is the “final submission for the tax year” and completing the end-of-year questions and declaration.

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