Jail term for millionaire's 'flagrant contempt' in divorce case

By Lenore Rice

Businessman and property tycoon Dider Thiry has been given a 4 month jail sentence for contempt of court in respect of his multi-million pound divorce case.

Mr Thiry and his wife Alisa are involved in a dispute over the assets to be divided up in their divorce settlement. Mrs Thiry was already a wealthy woman when the couple married, partly as a result of the £32million divorce settlement she received when she separated from her first husband in 2004.

Mrs Thiry alleges that a company she owned made a loan of £13.8million to one of her husband's companies and that it was never repaid. In March of this year an order was issued by the court requiring Mr Thiry to disclose information about the loan, which his wife's legal team says was not produced. They are also seeking other financial information in respect of companies they consider relevant to the divorce proceedings.

Mr Justice Newton said Mr Thiry's contempt had been "proved" and that he considered it had been "flagrant". He said that "all husbands" should take note that it is "simply unacceptable for the court to be treated in this way" and sentenced him to 4 months in prison. He also has to pay £10,000 in legal costs. Mr Thiry is currently in Belgium and will be arrested once he returns to the UK.

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