Musician Sting tells children not to expect big inheritance

By Lenore Rice

Musician Sting has said that he does not intend to leave his £180million fortune to his children, and that they have already been told not to be expect a large inheritance.

The musician has six children of ages ranging from 18 to 37, two from his first marriage, and four with his current wife. Inheritances can be complex when there has been a divorce and there are children as a result of more than one relationship, but Sting is simplifying things by saying he doesn't believe in trust funds, which he considers would be "albatrosses round their necks". In an interview with the Mail on Sunday Sting said he wants his children to work, and says that he respects that they "rarely ask [him] for anything".

Sting, now 62, is planning to spend his fortune in his lifetime, saying they have a lot of financial commitments, and what comes in is going out. In that respect he is in the same position as many people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK who say that they will not be in a position to leave an inheritance for their children, though many will be forgiven for thinking that there should be some inheritance left over for his children from his £180million estate.

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