Quarter of property owners deal with nuisance neighbours

By Michelle Rock

A quarter of property owners in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have to deal with nuisance neighbours according to a new survey by Which?

The research suggests that while first time buyers and home movers look to find a good neighbourhood when purchasing a house, there is no guarantee of good neighbours. Those who responded to the survey told of excessive noise in the form of arguing, loud music, slamming doors, noisy pets and more. The results also suggest that young property owners encountered more problems with nuisance neighbours, with one in three 18 to 24-year-olds saying they had experienced a problem with a neighbour.

Anyone experiencing a problem with a neighbour is encouraged to first speak to the person in question, and that failing to go to the local authority so they can investigate the nuisance and consider prosecution.

Some neighbour disputes can arise as a result of boundary disputes or other legal issues such as common areas including shared roadways. If you require legal advice from a property conveyancing solicitor in Northern Ireland contact Wilson Nesbitt in Belfast by calling 0800 840 9290.

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