Dentist patient death being looked at by police

By Gillian Crotty

The police are investigating the death of a woman who had been treated by a dentist who was suspended following allegations he did not wash his hands or sterilise equipment between patient appointments.

Amy Duffield, a University graduate, died shortly after receiving dental treatment from Desmond D'Mello in August 2013. She was taken to hospital after experiencing palpitations and died of viral acute myocarditis. The police were also examining the death of another patient who died in the same month, but ruled out any connection between the death and the dental treatment received.

Concerns were raised about dentist Desmond D'Mello when a whistleblower contacted health authorities with secretly filmed video of Mr D'Mello as alleged evidence that he had poor infection control practices. It was also alleged that the staff toilet and another room were being used to store dental equipment. He has been suspended and 22,000 former patients will be contacted to undergo tests for blood-borne viruses.

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