One Northern Ireland driver fined every 24 minutes

By Gillian Crotty

One Northern Ireland motorist is fined on average every 24 minutes for driving at excessive speed or going through a red light, according to the road safety charity Brake.

There were a total of 22,051 fixed penalties served on Northern Ireland drivers last year in respect of the two offences which Brake considers "selfish driving" - speeding and not obeying traffic lights. At the launch of their new Road Safety Week campaign, Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said that "a moment of impatience or selfishness" can cause death, serious injury and 'ruin lives forever'.

There have been 71 deaths in Northern Ireland as a result of road traffic accidents so far this year - 14 more than there were in the entire 12 months of 2013. The PSNI and road safety groups have expressed concern at the seemingly worsening level of road safety in Northern Ireland as we head into what is often one of the busiest times of year for road crashes.

Wintry conditions on the road, added to increased alcohol consumption in and around the holiday period have historically resulted in an increase in road accidents, and Brake and the PSNI are urging drivers to be safe.

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