US couple criticised by judge for having a 'fiasco' divorce

By Lenore Rice

The dispute of a couple involved in a divorce in the US revealed so much 'horrible' behaviour that the judge said they were having a bad impact on their 'innocent children' and added that their divorce was a 'fiasco'.

Divorces involving children are always difficult, and family law solicitors will advise both parents that it is important to conduct the separation in a way that helps facilitate a healthy relationship when the divorce is completed. The end goal is to minimise the amount of suffering caused to the children of a divorce, and one of the most important things couples need to avoid is badmouthing each other in front of their children or on social media - the children do not need to see their father or mother's reputation attacked repeatedly in order to score 'points' in the divorce case.

The divorce of a banker on a $7million salary in New York City and his ex-wife threw all the standard advice out the window. In order to win full custody of their two children, Sage Kelly showed videos of his wife taking cocaine in their apartment which he had filmed - she had previously been charged with driving while under the influence with her 2 daughters in the car. His wife Christina's 26 page-affidavit was made public, and alleged that her husband used drugs and also included details of a sexual encounter she alleges they had together with another couples and an act of infidelity by her husband with the wife of a co-worker. The affidavit also names a number of Mr Sage's friends and even his boss, and accuses them of using cocaine. Mr Sage denied all of the allegations.

The couple subsequently agreed a settlement outside of court, including joint custody of their two daughters. The judge in the case, Justice Matthew Cooper described the couple's behaviour as "horrible" and referred to the impact on their "innocent children".

Divorces are understandably emotional and can quickly become adversarial, but as in the case of Mr and Mrs Kelly, a badly conducted separation can cause irreparable damage for the couple and their children. It is essential to put the welfare of the children first and to conduct the divorce accordingly. The more private the details can remain the better, so take a break from Facebook, twitter or other social media platforms while the separation is ongoing.

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