Northern Ireland A&E waiting time is worst in the UK

By Gillian Crotty

The percentage of Northern Ireland A&E hospital patients being seen within the target period of 4 hours dropped to 76.7 per cent in December, making it the worst performing region in the UK.

Hospitals in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are expected to see 95 per cent of their patients within four hours. Hospitals in Scotland came closest to the target, with 93.5 per cent - in England it was 90.2 per cent and in Wales it was 81 per cent. Northern Ireland waiting times were over 18 per cent below the target. Earlier in the month operations were cancelled in all 5 Northern Ireland trusts as a result of 'ongoing pressures' in emergency departments.

A delay in treatment can result in additional injury and can sometimes be fatal. The window of time that a certain treatment can be applied may diminish during the waiting period, or a treatment could prove less effective as a result of the delay. Patients may suffer intense pain and discomfort while waiting to be seen and their condition may worsen as a result.

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