Robin Williams family take inheritance dispute to court

By Lenore Rice

An inheritance dispute involving the family of Robin Williams highlights the importance of clear and detailed instructions when writing a Will or creating a Trust.

The children of Robin Williams have been accused of taking items without the permission of their father's widow Susan. The dispute revolves around a wish Robin Williams expressed that his children should receive his jewelry, memorabilia and other items. The actor had two homes and a storage unit, so the family are now disputing whether the items in all three locations are subject to the wishes communicated by Mr Williams. Susan Williams still lives at the matrimonial home she shared with her husband, and says the contents of their home should be excluded from the inheritance assets. Robin Williams' children contest that view and say no limits were placed on the items that they are entitled to.

For most people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK making a Will in itself is a challenge - only 30 per cent of the adult population are thought to have made a Will. It is also important however to take expert legal advice and make sure that the Will you are writing is sufficiently clear and minimises the risk of a protracted family dispute over your estate. It is important to be as specific as possible while also factoring in some flexibility for the acquisition of new assets after writing your Will. It is also important to review your Will from time to time, or after a substantial change in your circumstances.

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