38,000 inheritances delayed each year because of DIY Wills

By Lenore Rice

New research suggests that as many as 38,000 inheritances in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are delayed each year because of poorly drafted Wills.

An ineffective Will can result in 10 per cent of an estate being lost in additional probate fees to resolve the matter, and with estates averaging at £160,000, that equates to £16,000 that could have otherwise been inherited. Aside from the expense, there are also the long delays that can be caused be a badly written Will.

Some people may feel confident about writing their own Will, or following guides found on the internet, but the question is, when it comes to something so serious that will have a profound impact on your family, at what will already be a difficult time for them, is it worth the risk not to do it with a professional will writing solicitor?

Your instructions for your estate may be so simple that drafting your own Will will be fairly straight forward, but many people get tripped up by requirements of making sure it is witnessed correctly, which could invalidate an otherwise perfectly good legal document. Gillian Guy from the Citizens Advice bureau says it is advisable to use a will writing solicitor:

“When wills go wrong, people may lose their only source of income, property is left in limbo, and the financial and emotional cost of dealing with the fallout can be huge.”

A simple Will drafted by a fully qualified will writing solicitor can cost as little as a good meal out for two, and yet many people prefer to go the DIY route, or look for bargain basement options on the internet.

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