Wife divorced from millionaire told by judge to get a job

By Lenore Rice

The ex-wife of a millionaire has been told by a judge that she needs to stop living off her ex-husband's money and to go "get a job".

Tracey Wright divorced her husband in 2008 and received a share of the proceeds of the sale of their £1.3million home, as well as £75,000 per year for her and her childrens' maintenance and school fees. However, 59 year-old Mr Wright became worried that he would not be able to keep up the maintenance payments when he retires in 6 years time and took the case to the court to seek a reduction of the fees set out in the original divorce agreement.

The court heard that Mrs Wright had not sought a paid job since separating from her husband in 2006, but that she was living in a £450,000 mortgage free property. Mr Wright continues to work as an equine surgeon. Lord Justice Pitchfold was considering a previous ruling that held that the payments should reduce and then stop.

The judge upheld that decision and told Mrs Wright that she should now "just get on with it" and to look for a job like "vast numbers of other women with children" do. Accordingly, the maintenance payments agreed in the original divorce hearing will reduce over the next 5 years and will stop when Mr Wright reaches retirement age.

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