Man sues ex-wife after learning ex-boyfriend was father of their son

The Central London County Court is hearing a damages claim from a man who says his ex-wife admitted that he was not the father of their son, and that it was in fact her ex-boyfriend.

The lecturer and the businesswoman, who cannot be named so as to protect the identity of the child, were married in 2002, and two years later went to Spain for IVF treatment. The man gave a sample of his sperm during that visit. His then wife returned to the clinic in Spain a few months later without him, and instead took her ex-boyfriend with her. He gave a sample at the time, and the woman claims she did not know if the clinic used his sample, or that of her then husband.

When the boy was 6 months old the couple separated and they were divorced 3 years later in 2008. The ex-husband looked after the child when his mother was at work, and it is estimated that he contributed over £80,000 in maintenance in the following years. In 2011 a dispute arose over the amount of contact the man was having with the child, and it is then that the woman told him he was not the biological father. A DNA test was carried out and confirmed her claim to be true.

The ex-husband is now claiming compensation for "distress and humiliation", as well as to cover the maintenance he paid and earnings he lost as a result of his work suffering when he was told truth about the boy's paternity. The woman is disputing her ex-husband's compensation claim, saying it has "no merit".

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