Millionaire US lawyer wins divorce custody battle over piano

By Lenore Rice

Divorce cases in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK can occasionally throw up the bizarre and peculiar when it comes to couples fighting over their assets, but one divorce battle in the US involved a millionaire solicitor, a Russian beauty queen, and a custody battle over a Baby Grand piano.

The lawyer and his ex-wife fought at length over who should get the £64,000 Steinway Baby Grand piano, which was perhaps made all the peculiar by the fact that neither of them can play it. Ekaterina Fields, aged 42, told the divorce court that she was an amateur but upon further questioning it was revealed that she could not play even basic well know piano pieces. Had Mrs Fields won custody of the piano it would have been transported to London, a fact that seemed to bother the judge even more than the legal costs incurred in the divorce battle.

Richard Fields, aged 59 and divorced 4 times previously, was in the end awarded the piano, but the divorce hearing continues at the High Court. The couple were married for nearly ten years and have 2 children. The divorce hearing involved a dispute over £6million worth of assets, but surprisingly the piano was one of the sticking points.

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