More grandparents seek legal advice on access to grandchildren

An increasing number of grandparents are seeking legal advice on how to get access to spend time with their grandchildren following a divorce or family feud, according to new figures.

The Grandparents Association received over 8,000 calls last year from people who had lost contact with their grandchildren, with many having previously enjoyed a close relationship for years prior to a breakup. In the majority of divorces or separations the mother will be the resident parent, so it is not surprising that 85 per cent of the calls came from grandparents on the side of the father of the children who had separated from the mother.

There are no legal rights for grandparents to see their grandchildren, but figures show over 2,500 people went to court last year to try to get access. Some grandparents do manage to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren after a separation of the parents, but this is achieved through the co-operation of all parties, and perhaps with the assistance of mediation.

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