Judge likens millionaire divorce battle to boxing match

By Lenore Rice

The judge who presided over the divorce of Ekaterina and Richard Fields has likened the divorce hearing to a "boxing match", and criticised the £1million spent by the couple on legal fees.

The couple were estimated to have a fortune of £6million, and the divorce settlement awarded Mrs Fields a £1.2million lump sum and £320,000 annual maintenance for her and her two children. The judge said the figures involved were "eye-watering" but that he had to take into account the lifestyle the couple had enjoyed together when deciding how the assets should be split.

Mrs Fields described the divorce battle as "a difficult and lengthy fight to rightfully safeguard my children’s future". She also considered that her case “highlighted the difficulty mothers and children have securing what they are rightly entitled to in a divorce settlement”. The judge equally considered the hearing to have been a "bruising experience" and likened it to a "boxing match". He did however criticise the money spent on legal expenses, which totalled over £1million, saying he believed the couple should have been able to reach a settlement in a much easier manner, and with less publicity.

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