New build houses criticised by purchasers who want more character

By Michelle Rock

Only 1 in 5 property purchasers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK would prefer to buy a new build property according to a survey by Homeowners Alliance, with criticism that many newly built houses lack character.

One person who responded to the survey likened new build houses to "rabbit hutches", with "small rooms, small gardens, thins walls, [and] dubious build quality". Another respondent repeated that sentiment saying that the majority of new builds have "small rooms, low ceilings, small gardens and zero charm".

It wasn't all negative however, with around 400 respondents saying they favoured a new build property because there should be "no hidden problems like old pipes or wiring needing replacing and energy ratings should be up to date which will help save money". The top 3 factors in favour of new build properties, in descending order, were savings on ongoing maintenance costs, the ability to customise, and the resale value. A lack of character and distinctive features in new build properties was the main reason given by those who said they preferred an older property.

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