Divorce judge seeks to make example of husband's 'blatant dishonesty'

By Lenore Rice

The judge in a High Court divorce case has sought to make an example of the 'blatant dishonesty' of a husband by making him pay his ex-wife's legal costs which amount to approximately £334,000.

Sir Peter Singer said that Clive Joy-Morancho had deliberately tried to 'conceal' or 'misrepresent' the situation in respect of his financial circumstances, and described his explanations as "blatant dishonesty". One particular lie about the evidence of a witness was described by him as "breathtaking." Singer said that "relatively few" divorce cases involve this level of dishonesty, but said it would be "grossly unfair" not to regard the conduct of Mr Joy-Morancho in this case, and said it was right for the court to impose "clear costs condemnation".

The dispute between Nichola Joy and her husband revolved around whether she should receive a lump sum of £27million, as proposed by Mrs Joy, or solely a maintenance award. The legal costs for the divorce had cost approximately £2million in the UK family law courts, and Singer ordered that Mr Joy-Morancho should pay all of his ex-wife's legal costs.

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