People in Northern Ireland are the most reluctant to make a Will

By Lenore Rice

Fewer people in Northern Ireland have made a Will according to research that looked at adults across the whole of the UK.

The research by looked at how many adults in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK had written a Will, or intended to make one. People over the age of 60 showed the most intention to make a Will, with only 8 per cent saying they did not intend to write one. That rose to 18 per cent of people in their 20s, with the overall average across all age groups being 13 per cent. While that would suggest that 87 per cent did intend to make a Will, the research showed that the majority of adults across the UK have not written down their plans for their estate.

Northern Ireland was the region with the lowest percentage of adults with a Will - just 32 per cent. Even the area of the UK where adults were most inclined to write a Will, Plymouth, could only boast that 50 per cent of adults had put their wishes down in writing.

Anyone who dies without having made a Will is said to be intestate, and their belongings pass on according to the rules of intestacy. These will not always match your intentions, and it therefore prudent to write a Will to clarify your wishes for your assets, who would look after any young children in the event of the death of both parents, or any other express instructions you would wish to leave.

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