Woman used power of attorney to steal sister's inheritance

By Lenore Rice

A woman is facing prison after being found guilty of the theft of her sister's £50,000 inheritance.

Maxine Forster, now aged 50, had been granted a power of attorney in respect of her mother's financial matters. Her mother, Betty Forster, had stated in her Will that she wanted Maxine and her two sisters, Gillian and Elaine, to share her estate equally between them. However, during Betty Forster's lifetime, and over a period of years, Maxine moved money from her account, including the £50,000 inheritance that should have went to Elaine.

In court, her sister Gillian was also charged with theft but the prosecution decided not to try her - she had denied the charge. The prosecuting solicitor said Gillian had seemingly received all the money she was entitled to under the mother's Will.

Maxine Forster pleaded guilty to theft of £50,000 and will be sentenced in April 2016. She has been given 6 months to repay the money, which will go to Elaine's husband, as she has since passed, and he inherited her estate. She has been told that she could still receive a prison sentence even if she does manage to repay all the money.

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