Reminder to write a Will in November and our fee goes to charity

By Lenore Rice

We are just past the half-way mark of Make A Will month, in which you can write a Will and make a donation to charity instead of paying a fee to your solicitor.

It is estimated that between 60 to 70 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK do not have a Will. Those who do eventually write a Will are often prompted by a significant event such as the birth of a child, a property purchase, or something unplanned such as a divorce, or a death in the family. Many people intend to make a Will at an undefined later date, but unfortunately not all will get to it in time, and the rules of intestacy will be used to distribute their estate.

Don't put it off any longer - and with the Will Aid scheme you can have the double satisfaction of donating to charity at the same time.

Contact us today at 0800 840 9293 or submit your details online for a callback from one of our will writing solicitors by clicking here.