PSNI dealt with domestic violence call every 20mins in Christmas 2014

By Lenore Rice

Police were contacted in respect of an incident of domestic violence in Northern Ireland every 20 minutes during Christmas day last year.

In Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK many police forces witness an increase in reports of domestic abuse incidents over the holiday period. Couples spend more free time with each other over Christmas, and so for those involved in an abusive relationship it can be a time of the year when things reach breaking point and the police are contacted.

Under-reporting of domestic violence is still considered to be very high in Northern Ireland. There is no excuse for violence in the household, and while more people to contact the police to seek protection for them and their family over Christmas, many others will explain away any incident of domestic abuse as being down to alcohol or stress around the holiday period.

The PSNI has launched a campaign against domestic violence this Christmas, and has encouraged any victims of abuse to contact them urgently before the scale of abuse escalates.

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