Wife who gave up career to raise family given 90pc of assets in divorce

By Lenore Rice

A family court judge has awarded a woman 90 per cent of the family assets, saying her 20 years away from her career in order to raise a family has left her with a "low earning capacity .. in her middle fifties with rusty skills."

Jane Morris, aged 52, left her career as a recruitment consultant to be stay at home Mum to three children for 20 years. Her husband, Peter Morris, is a managing director of a software company, and following their separation in 2013 he criticised his wife for failing to earn more money. However, the court took the view that Mrs Morris had sacrificed her career and can now simply pick up where she left off 20 years previously. Divorce judge, Glen Brasse, said her age and the amount of time she had spent out of her career restricted her capacity for earning, and she therefore requires adequate maintenance from the divorce settlement.

The couple's finances were greatly reduced as a result of their very 'bitter' break-up. The court awarded Mrs Morris approximately £500,000 while her husband received £60,000.

The case highlights the significant commitment and sacrifice involved when one spouse agrees to leave their career in order to raise a family, and how the resulting imbalance in earning capacity needs to be appraised and compensated by the courts in the event of a divorce.

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