Widow stood to earn £6m from divorce but got £36k in Will

By Lenore Rice

A woman is contesting the Will of her husband who died while they were in the middle of divorce proceedings from which she expected to receive a £6million settlement - the Will left her £36,000.

Mari Vindis had filed for divorce 2 months before her husband Nigel died at the age of 58. The owner of Vindis Group car dealerships, Mr Vindis was estimated to have an estate worth approximately £12million. His wife was expecting to receive half of the estate in the divorce, but the Will which Mr Vindis had executed left the majority of his wealth to their two children, aged 26 and 28. It left his wife assets worth £1million, but those included half-equity shares in 3 properties that she already legally owned. As such, she stood to receive approximately £36,000 from the Will.

Mrs Vindis has asked the High Court to rewrite her husband's Will in order to make "reasonable provision" for her, based on her claim that she stood to receive £6million from their divorce, which was ongoing at the time of his death. Her children are thought to be supportive of her claim, but not for the full amount that she is requesting.

Mr Vindis' sisters are also said to be challenging the Will. The case has been adjourned.

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