Northern Ireland drivers to face random breath tests

By Gary Adair

The PSNI has launched its annual winter drink-drive campaign, and have warned motorists that they will be using their new power to randomly stop drivers and ask them to undergo a breath test.

Previously the police needed to have reasonable suspicion in order to request a breath test from a motorist in Northern Ireland. However, new legislation has removed the need for reasonable suspicion, paving the way for random checkpoints throughout Northern Ireland over the holiday period. Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd hopes that the breath test checkpoints will "act as an even more visible, physical deterrent" for potential drink drivers.

Last year 400 people were caught drink-driving in Northern Ireland, and Ass Chief Const Todd says those offenders ranged from people so drunk "they could barely stand" and others who "had gone out socialising and not intended to drive, but their circumstances changed and they decided to take a risk." The PSNI have warned drivers that there are no safe limits when it comes to drink driving.

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