Family & Divorce - Free Initial Advice, Fixed Fee & Time Charged Services

We offer a free initial consultation service; for more details phone 0800-840-9292 or email your details to us by clicking here.

We also offer fixed fee pricing (see below) where both parties merely want what they have agreed made legally binding eg separation or financial settlement agreements. We can, of course, only act for one party in settling such arrangements and the pricing is subject to there being no dispute.

For those who either do not qualify for legal aid or have a disputed matter which does not allow fixed fee pricing we offer a unique transparent hourly billing system. We let you know what we charge from the outset and we bill you monthly so you are in control from month to month and there are no surprises. Your monthly itemised statement will detail what work was effected, the amount of time spent and the date and time that work was actioned. Your bill will be based on the below rates; you need to add vat to all prices outlined below.

Initial Consultations by appointment with team members 
20 mins or less free
More than 20 mins as per team members hourly rate below  

Fixed Fee Rates:

Fixed Fee Rates are available where you have agreed what you both want; for more details on our current pricing for the following situations phone 0800-840-9292 or email your details to us 

Preparation of agreed Parental Responsibility Agreement
Preparation of agreed Living together Agreement
Preparation of agreed Pre-Nuptial Agreement
Preparation of agreed Separation Agreement (Cohabitees financial settlement)
Preparation of agreed Matrimonial Agreement (marriage financial settlement)
Court procedures for an Uncontested Divorce

Fixed fee quotes are agreed on the basis that the process is undisputed and proceeds entirely as anticipated. In the event this does not transpire to be the case or negotiations or other additional work arises then an hourly rate will be charged.

Hourly Rates
Fixed fees are not applicable in the following instances and as such, an hourly rate will be charged:-
Ancillary Relief (financial dispute settled by the Court)
Children's Orders
Collaborative Law Resolution (agreed mediation procedure between solicitors)
Divorce (contested)
Dissolution of a Civil Partnership (contested)
Negotiated Matrimonial Agreement
Negotiated Parential Responsibility Agreement
Negotiated Separation Agreement
Non-Molestation/ Occupation Orders

Hourly rates vary according to the level of seniority and expertise required. At present, individual team members charge an hourly rate of £120 per hour hourly rates charged whilst the hourly rate for the Head of Department is £225 per hour.

In circumstances where an hourly rate is applicable, clients will be invoiced on a monthly basis with settlement of each invoice being anticipated within 14 days.

In most circumstances, clients will be asked to provide a security deposit at the onset of proceedings which will be offset against the final invoice once matters are concluded.


Outlay are payments made by us on your behalf to third parties. These include Court application fees, Counsel fees as well as other incidental fees which may be incurred ie fee for marriage certificate or birth certificate. Details of court fees can be found on the Northern Ireland court service web site or upon request to us.

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