Franchise Agreements

Why do you need a Franchise Agreements

Franchising an established business to other entrepreneurs is a fast way for an established business to grow and provides the franchisor with an income. However by licensing your intellectual property rights in the business and giving control of the day to day running of your business to a franchisee there are risks of having the reputation of the business damaged. Accordingly good control documentation is essential.

Taking a franchise of an established business reduces the risk involved with starting up a new business. It gives the franchisee access to knowledge of how to operate a successful business. However by taking a franchise franchisees are bound to operate under the franchisor's strict contractual controls for the duration of the agreement. A fee is usually paid for the provision of knowledge and licence of Intellectual Property.

How we can help

Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors can advise you on how to minimise the risks involved with either franchising a business or taking a franchise of a business by explaining and negotiating the provisions of the franchise agreement. We can also provide ancillary advices on business structure, commercial property and employment issues.

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