Domain Names

Why do you need a Domain Name Transfer Agreement?

When a domain name has been registered and obtained it is owned by the registered proprietor to do what he wishes. Domain names are obtained for commercial purposes and resale. If you wish to sell or purchase the domain name whether on a stand alone basis or part of a business asset purchase you must show the contract giving the rights to use the domain name to ensure it can be assigned. You should also contact the registration authority to obtain their consent. Finally you should enter a transfer agreement to ensure that both parties carry out all necessary steps to transfer the name.

How we can help

Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors will provide a draft agreement and advise you of what must be done to transfer the domain name. We will ensure that the agreement carries out what you intensions and is properly implemented. Finally, if we are acting for the transferee we will ensure that all post completion registration formalities are carried out to give effect to the transfer.

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