Trusts Management

Trusts are a means of safeguarding and protecting assets for the future enjoyment of other people, often children, grandchildren or incapacitated members of the family or friends. Trusts can be set up when you are alive or in your Will on your death. Some use trusts to reduce tax.

Why you need a trust management solicitor

Wilson Nesbitt have an experienced team of solicitors in Northern Ireland, that draft and prepare trusts for family or tax saving purposes and provide ongoing management of Wills and other trusts.

We will ensure that your best interests are served, including;

  • regular reviews of investments
  • income appropriately distributed 
  • tax returns are lodged and the trust is properly managed for the benefit of all the beneficiaries
  • once the purpose of the trust has run its course we will ensure the trust assets are properly distributed to those entitled


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