Dental Negligence

What can happen

Dental treatment and surgery gone wrong can lead to devastating long term consequences. Often negligent dental treatment can go undetected for some time until the affected area becomes symptomatic. It can also take a long time to detect with patients having to go to a new dentist and in some cases a whole series of dentists before the negligent treatment is discovered.

The types of treatment that can result from negligence can include root canal treatment, crowns and bridges, dental implants, treatment involving wisdom teeth, failure to diagnose tooth decay or gum disease and issues surrounding consent.

How we can help

Our clinical negligence team have considerable expertise in these types of cases. We have access to leading experts in the field of dental surgery who we can call upon to provide expert opinion of what should have happened in your case to help us negotiate for you and for guidance of the court.

We endeavour to achieve a negotiated settlement of a client’s dental negligence claims without the need to go to court; the majority of claims do succeed at this early stage. However on occasions the dentist’s representative may strongly resist a claim and court proceedings must be started to resolve the claim.

Next Steps

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