First Time Buyers

If you are a First Time Buyer purchasing property in Northern Ireland the process can seem more than a little daunting.

If you're feeling unsure as to where to start, overwhelmed by jargon, or just curious about the perks available to First Time Buyers, then this page contains useful information to help you.

Please see the below video for a brief and friendly introduction to the conveyancing process in Northern Ireland.

What is a first time buyer?

We regularly get contacted by people who believe they are First Time Buyers, only to find out two or three questions later that they are not. As odd is it sounds it is possible to lose your First Time Buyer status quite inadvertently.

As one would perhaps expect, the phrase First Time Buyer refers to a person who is purchasing a residential property for the first time.

Depending on the benefit or relief that is being sought the term First Time Buyer may be interpreted slightly differently, but the spirit of the definition always remains that someone should never have owned an interest in a residential property in Northern Ireland or anywhere else in the world.

Sounds simple enough, yet there are some quite common scenarios that result in losing your First Time Buyer status without you ever considering that you have owned a home.

A lot of information all at once can be a bit overwhelming, so we've split up everything you need to know about being a Frist Time Buyer into the below headings. 

1. The Benefits of Being a First Time Buyer

2. Legal Implications of Different Types of Financial Assistance for First Time Buyers

3. How You Can Inadvertently Lose Your First Time Buyer Status

4. Four Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a House

Each link contains useful information which should answer any questions you may have about being a First Time Buyer and what exactly that entails, as well as highlighting what to watch out for during the home buying process.

next steps

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