Fixed Fee Services

Below is a list of some of the fixed fee taxation services we provide.

 Fixed Fee Quotes (prices excluding vat)
Tax Repayment claim form £120.00
Basic Tax Return form  £150.00
Employment pages £25.00
Self Employment/Partnership pages (accounts provided)
Accounts prepared by Wilson Nesbitt
Land & Property pages (1 rental property)
Each additional rental property
Foreign Pages £50.00
Trust & Estate pages £50.00
Residence pages £70.00
Share Scheme pages £90.00
Capital Gains Tax Pages (calculation provided)
Calculation required

Discounts will apply if more than one set of accompanying pages or more than one Tax Return required.

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Contact us on free phone number 0800 840 9288 or email your details to us and we will call you straight back. All taxation advice must be paid for in advance.

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