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Case Study – Eclectic Wellbeing Studio


Andrew Heley and Nicola Morrison co-owners of Eclectic wanted to create a new £1m Pilates, Beauty and Wellbeing Studio in Main street, Bangor.

The challenge

Above and beyond the challenges posed by Covid, we needed to understand the ownership of some land surrounding the site, which was otherwise going to set back the site’s development.

“What we got from Lenore and Daniel was not just a formal legal search – because not everything is documented perfectly – but also the advice to be practical: speak to the neighbours, find out who owns what and make a plan based on that. The firm has also handled our purchase of the commercial property efficiently.

“I love that practical advice from a lawyer. I have been involved with many professional firms including legal firms and I can’t stand long-winded meetings that lead nowhere. You never have that with Lenore.”

The result

“We’re just a few weeks away from completion now. Lenore’s name is one of the first on the list for when we can throw an opening event. We’d recommend her and the firm to anyone who needs practical advice.”

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