Wilson Nesbitt understands as a business it makes a significant impact on our team, our clients, our community and our environment. We are fully committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which focuses on self regulation and promotes continuous improvements in terms of our social, economic and environmental impact and accountability.

Community & Charitable Engagement

As a firm, we make a concerted team effort to operate in a way which actively & positively contributes to our local Community. Our Charitable Engagement includes team participation, volunteering and organisation of fundraising endeavours & events. We actively endorse a strong team ethos and culture, through our core values of Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration & Respect and believe that it is part of our role to give back to our local community.

Financial & Business Responsibility

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, we are fully committed to our valued clients and stakeholders, and honour our Financial & Business Responsibilities. We are committed to demonstrating our role as a responsible business.

Looking Forward

We understand our CSR strategy will grow and evolve with our firm over time. Our ambition is to continually make the changes, meet the goals and fulfil the initiatives along the way. This is our commitment to our people, our clients and to society.