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How does Child Custody & Access work?

When a relationship breaks down many couples can make satisfactory arrangements for the custody of children without the assistance of the Courts.

However, agreement is not always possible and the Courts arbitrate when disputes arise over access to children and child custody.

Where this is necessary, decisions will be made in light of what the Court considers to be the best interests of the child. Almost all disputed cases involving contact or residence are difficult and there is often no obvious right or wrong answer.

How Child Custody & Access Solicitors can help

Our team of experienced child custody solicitors can give you legal advice and help in the following ways:

  • we offer discreet legal advice
  • clear explanation of the options available to you and your child
  • let you know whether you will qualify for legal aid and if not what the cost implications are for you.

We’ll assist and guide you through the negotiation and court processes and try to obtain a satisfactory resolution for you and your child.

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Currently, we are only taking on Private Funded work in this area.

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