Your assets or potential assets are any solely or jointly held interests in chattels, shares, property, savings, accounts, investments or other financial instruments or present or future entitlements you may own or acquire prior to your death.  On your death the ownership or disposition of your assets may be effected by your Will and/or by overriding legal claims (eg mortgages or charges, Real Property passing by survivorship (see ‘joint tenants’ or ‘tenants in common’?) or claims by dependants you have failed to provide for.  We have not asked you to detail any or every asset you own in drafting your Will.  We have drafted your Will pursuant to your direct instructions to us and take or assume no liability or responsibility in relation to the specific disposition of any particular asset unless you have requested us to do so in writing.  Your Will has been drafted on the assumption that the information provided to Wilson Nesbitt is accurate in all aspects and in particular that you are aware of the assets you own and how they are held.  Advices in relation to specific assets may incur you in additional fees at hourly rates. 

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