Powers of Executors & Trustees

Clauses are ordinarily in your Wills to give the Trustees wide unrestricted powers. This enables them to invest in stocks, shares, building societies, banks, insurance funds or property as they see fit. For example they could keep your house for your children to live in or if the Guardians needed a bigger house to accommodate your children as well as their own, both houses could be sold and the Trust Funds could buy a percentage (say 40% or 50% or 60% or whatever) of the bigger house. It is sensible to pick your Trustees wisely but not tie their hands as no one knows what circumstances can arise in the future. That having been said Trustees are notoriously cautious and don’t take risks as they get little credit if funds grow spectacularly but a lot of blame if funds drop in value. Trustees favour a very cautious approach usually property and or a balanced investment strategy mix of fixed interest and a well spread basket of some share based investments. Trustees are obliged by law to take regulated financial advice.

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