Trusts are used for a variety of purposes in Wills some common examples of which are:-

  • Wills which incorporate a trust leaving a tenant in common half share of a house to a spouse, civil partner or partner for their lifetime or until they go into care & then to children can preserve half the value of the property for the children and ensure that the entire value of the property is not used up in nursing home fees;
  • A house, or a tenant in common half share of a house, can be left in trust for the lifetime of a spouse, civil partner or partner & then to children of an earlier relationship on the death of the spouse, civil partner or partner;
  • Couples with children under 18 often leave everything to each other but also provide that if both die before the children reach 18, or another specified age, trusts are created to provide for the children until they reach the specified age;
    Trusts can also be created for adults or children with disabilities, business management during beneficiaries minority and many other purposes;
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