Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors as independent executor & trustee?

  • If you have no close family or if your children or other family members are out of the jurisdiction and you require a local competent person to administer your estate;
  • If your children or other beneficiaries do not trust each other, or have spouses or partners that might unduly influence them to be contentious and/ or may be likely to dispute values or entitlements and a solicitor may assist to resolve matters and preserve family harmony as far as is possible;
  • If you have minor children and in the unlikely event both you and your partner die before your children are adults an independent trustee a solicitor will be professionally obliged to make sure the children’s money is both used for them and protected and preserved for their maturity and not lost amongst the assets of Guardians or other family members;
  • If you are setting up trusts that are likely to exist for a period of time then a solicitor trustee can provide comfort that the funds will be well managed and secure irrespective of events and family circumstances that may occur during the period of the trust;
  • Solicitors are regulated by statute and their Regulator, the fees they can charge are subject to regulatory and judicial review, they are bonded with indemnity insurance and have Regulator controlled compensation funds providing protection for beneficiaries;
  • When a solicitor acts as an executor or trustee the fees will be more than if a lay person acts as an executor and trustee as a solicitor executor or trustee will required to effect acts which a lay person could action personally and will charge for his/ her time for so doing;
solicitor executors and trustees
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