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Occupier’s Consent Form


If an adult who is not a part-legal owner of your property is living at your house your mortgage lender will require them to sign an ‘Occupier’s Consent form’.

An occupier can obtain a legal interest in a property even though they are not a registered owner of it. This is of particular concern to a mortgage lender in the event that you do not keep up with your mortgage payments. By signing your mortgage deeds you assure the bank that you will give them vacant possession of the property in the event that they need to repossess it. Similarly, they require any other adult living at the property, who is not a party to the mortgage, to sign a document that says they will also vacate the property in the event of a repossession.


Your mortgage lender may request a signed Occupier’s Consent form after the legal work in respect of your mortgage has been completed – perhaps the person was not an occupier of the property when you originally took out the mortgage, or the lender has only just become aware that a non-mortgage borrower lives at your property.

We can meet with the occupier of your property to explain the legal implications of the Occupier’s Consent form and to witness their signature of it. We will charge £125+VAT for this service.

Please note – We must meet with the occupier in person at our offices as the document needs to be signed in the presence of a solicitor.

Payment can made by credit card at our offices or on our website by clicking here


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