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PIP breast implants


Over 40,000 women in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are estimated to have had Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP) breast implants. The French company that produced the implants used a cheaper industrial grade silicone instead of medical grade silicone, and is estimated to have saved £840million a year be using the cheaper alternative.

Industrial grade silicone is normally used for items such as computer parts, and President of the British Association Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Fazel Fatah, has said the quality of silicone means it “is not fit to be implanted into humans”. It would appear that there is a higher rupture rate in these cheaper implants, and the French government banned the use of the products, and on 23rd December 2011 advised all French citizens who have had PIP implants to have them removed, and the government pledged to cover the cost of the procedure.

The UK government has not yet advised its citizens to have the implants removed and is awaiting the outcome of an independent report.


If you live in Northern Ireland and have had PIP breast implants fitted you may wish to consider making a compensation to cover the costs of removal of the implants and related costs, as well as a potential claim for injuries suffered. Wilson Nesbitt have a team of claims specialists who have significant experience handling medical negligence and defective product claims for compensation.


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