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Poll reveals support for upper age limit for driving

Statistically younger drivers are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident, yet the Duke of Edinburgh’s crash had many people debating the need for an upper age limit for driving.

The stretch of road on which the crash took place had been referred to as a ‘rat run’, and the speed limit was due to be reduced on it today from 60mph to 50mph. Norfolk County Council had also scheduled to discuss safety issues on the road.

A poll on our Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors Facebook page asked whether there should be an upper age limit for driving? The response was as follows:

There would of course be complications around ascertaining what age is appropriate as a cut off point for a driver’s license, the most obvious being that people age very differently. It is very common for people of a considerable age to have a healthy body and alert mind, often better than people many years younger. What would be easier to introduce is a requirement for a full or partial drivers test to be undertaken again at a certain age and at different intervals thereafter, or to require a basic doctor examination to be undertaken to certify medical fitness. Some countries already have a requirement for all drivers to undergo a fitness assessment before being granted a license.

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