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If you have acquired a plot of land and intend to build your own home by direct labour or otherwise you should make sure that you have rights to access all the necessary electric, water, sewage and drainage services as well rights of way, use and access to the nearest public road. Planning permission and building control approval may specify certain provisions in relation to the positioning of the house, access, sightlines and septic tank; you may require a grant of easement from a neighbour or neighbours in order to have sufficient sight lines at your access point to the property or perhaps for the soakaway of your septic tank depending on where this is located.


Your lender will require confirmation that you have all the necessary ownership or usage rights before releasing the funding; we can work through the various requirements from an early stage to ensure that all the necessary documentation is available for the lender so there is no delay on the release of the funding to you at each stage.


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